Climate Change Assessments

We have an experienced team delivering Climate Change Assessments in line with World Bank and international best practice. We look into physical and transitional risks and how this can be mitigated through appropriate and cost effective mitigation and adaptation measures.  Our team’s experience extends to assessments for complex infrastructure assets (including road and airport assets), real estate (including climate change EIA chapters, etc) and corporates (to inform strategies that align to the Paris Agreement).

Energy and Carbon Management

From carbon footprinting to ESOS, SECR and management of carbon emissions, we have developed methodologies to efficiently deliver our clients’ objectives and targets.

Net Zero Strategies

Our work in ESG and Carbon Management has lead us to develop deep knowledge and understand on how to put together net zero strategies that work for our clients.  Together with our strategic work, we support clients to implement those strategies and meet their internal and external targets. 

Climate Change Adaptation

Consideration of climate change may be required as part of a planning application, possibly through the Environmental Impact Assessment process, to ensure that the proposed development has accounted for anticipated changes in the environment.

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