Sustainability Statements

National planning policy includes a “presumption in favour of sustainable development” and the Statements allow developers to present the sustainability credentials of a scheme in a balanced and objective manner. 

Sustainability Appraisals

With strategic sites, a review of context and characteristics can help support promotion through the local plan formation process with a view to achieving preferred option status for future development. 

Socio-Economic Assessments

Focussing of the social and economic “pillars” of sustainable development, socio-economic assessments are often required to demonstrate the impacts of a scheme on the local economy and community. 


BREEAM is an environmental assessment methodology, typically required by local authorities, end users and funders as a means of demonstrating a level of sustainable design and construction.  

Code for Sustainable Homes

Whilst the Government has now formally withdrawn the Code for Sustainable Homes, legacy requirements may still create a need for assessment against this standard.


EcoHomes was a standard created by the BRE, which expired on 12 April 2012. Nevertheless, certain local authority policy still references this standard, with informal sign off featuring as a condition of planning permission.  

Home Quality Mark (HQM)

The HQM is the BRE’s new sustainability standard for residential development. It is a voluntary standard, which indicates to householders the overall expected costs, health and wellbeing benefits, and environmental footprint associated with living in the home. 


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